Interchangeable Dog and Cat Tag Welcome Set, 2 Animals welcome and interchangeable patterns. Full Set sign, SVG, Glowforge Laser Ready, DIY Kit

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You will receive an SVG to download instantly upon payment. This file is now one of my favorites.  This set contains a cat and dog silhouette interchangeable pet tags for each month.  11 designs are included.  Snowflake, heart, shamrock, easter egg, flower, sun, apple, pumpkin, turkey paw print and tree.  This is great for a winter craft project or to host your own paint party.   This set does not work with the farm animal set sizes are different.

This file has been tested on the Glowforge and will also work with any laser machine that uses SVG files.

Perfect for decorating your home, selling physical products, and even paint parties.

My finished sign measures 10x14 so its the perfect size for the laser cutter and is perfect for your door or counter.

I used font Lovely If you want to make Last name for great custom product to sell.

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